Protect Your Customers, Own Your Data

Plug into our network to contextualize on-chain, cross-chain & off-chain transaction flows with ease.

One platform. All the intel you need to make informed decisions, quickly.


Edge-of-network connectivity
for rapid response to real-world events.


Best-in-class integration of on-chain, cross-chain and off-chain data for deeper insights.


Seamless synchronization of data
across trusted partners to limit siloes.


Clear delineation of data confidence to support deep-dives into network topology.

A simple interface to manage your complex investigations

Gray Wolf is setting the new global standard for the decentralized aggregation, refinement and dissemination of risk indicators across web3.0. We leverage the cutting edge of knowledge management to put you in control of your data

Elevate your workflows

Leverage an end to end solution with a broad value proposition.

Scam Response

Automate event
monitoring and streamline
reporting operations to minimize
risk exposure.

Asset Tracing

Leverage high-context
transaction mapping to
parse asset movements and
recover stolen funds.

Market Intel

Analyze macro and micro
trends to identify
transactional irregularities
and flag market

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