blockchain intel
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We use holistic analysis to uncover insights hidden in blockchain data.


Our approach is
problem first.

We know that in the rapidly evolving digital assets landscape, the right information at the right time can be the difference between adaptability and vulnerability in uncertain conditions.


High-velocity data, for low-visibility conditions.

Our purpose is to democratize access to real-world context so that decision makers can maintain holistic situational awareness.

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Our clients come first at Gray Wolf. We are proud to work with incredible teams like:

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Informed analysis leads to better outcomes.

Top-performing teams leverage our data, software and services to augment their understanding of risks, anomalies, and opportunities. Our depth of analysis sets us apart as a trusted partner in the world of digital asset advisory services.


Meet our leadership.

Our team brings an optimal blend of experience,
passion & proficiency.

Dhirendra Shukla


Matthew Sampson


Chedi Mbaga

Head of Forensics

“Potentially embarrassing, if not costly episode, for the city, but luckily officials knew just where to turn.”

The NB cybersecurity startup is part of a consortium tracking multi-million-dollar hacking incidents.

Saint John Police say they’ve seen residents lose tens of thousands of dollars to cryptocurrency scams in the past seven weeks alone. According to RCMP – the problem isn’t unique to the city.

For the underlying networks like Bitcoin, it’s outside the reach of the government for sure,’ experts say.

New Brunswick’s Gray Wolf are using crypto analytics to fight crime.