Contextualizing crypto scams for rapid response and prevention.

Gray Wolf is crypto’s first decentralized scam investigation platform for the decentralized economy. Our hypothesis is that the crypto scam response workflow is tedious, highly automatable and overly siloed. Our goal is to accelerate the speed at which high context risk indicators (scams, ransomware, fraud etc) are disseminated, acted upon, and aggregated in the virtual asset space.

Crypto scams are on the rise.

Before Gray Wolf, there was no easy way to monitor, report and investigate crypto scams in real time.

Crypto scams have increased >1000% since October 2020. And they’re hurting:


Destabilizes the finances of individuals & families.


Erodes trust and compromises the ability to deliver services.


Jeopardizes reputation and hurts revenues.

Meet the next level of scam response and prevention.

Gray Wolf provides best-in-class tooling and leverages the cutting edge of knowledge management to enable quick response to fraud and scams.

With low overhead fees and from the convenience of a single platform.


Broadcast information on scams as they develop, in real time.


Keep your database up to date by sharing with vetted partners.


Lookup reported information in your own database of bad crypto addresses.


Add new information to your managed database and perform analytics.

Streamline your investigative workflow.

What Makes Us Different?

Here’s a few things we’re good at:


Leverage vetted channels to crowdsource insights on developments across the crypto space.


Effortlessly merge on- and off-chain events to improve visibility of low-visibility transactions.


Determine the trustworthiness of data using our transparent assertion evaluation tool.


Swiftly roll-out corrective and preventive security measures to mitigate fraud risk.

See how people use Gray Wolf.

The universal platform for building out crypto scam forensics stories.

We’re delivering peer-to-peer, global intelligence through risk mitigation solutions that embrace cryptocurrency values – no gatekeeping, rent seeking, or centralization of control.


Use our platform to report scams and explore options for recourse.

Crypto AML Companies

Use our platform to automate investigators’ workflow.

Digital Asset Marketplaces

Use our platform to contextualize transactions and improve customer care.

Digital Asset ATMs

Use our platform to outsource investigative tasks.

Compliance Companies

Use our platform to integrate compliance reporting and
investigative tools.

Consumer Banks

Use our platform to deploy fraud detection and prevention measures.

Securities Regulators

Use our platform to trace and recover stolen funds.

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