Forensic solutions shouldn’t be cloak-and-dagger.

Demystify black box models. Uncomplicate intel.
Take control.

Get radically transparent, high-context intel for low-visibility operations by fraudulent actors in the Web3 space.

Detect, analyze and extrapolate with ease.

Gray Wolf helps coordinate the distributed development of auditable blockchain intel. So everyone knows what’s happening, who’s impacted, and how to respond.


Leverage powerful AI to cut through the noise of opaque transactional channels and massive amounts of data. Get the insights your customers need.


Streamline the aggregation, verification and analysis of transaction data that cannot be found on the blockchain. Move away from unstructured report logging and into the future.

De-Fi monitoring

Identify market manipulation and other fraudulent activities on cryptocurrency networks in real-time to mitigate financial losses and other adverse customer outcomes.

The future of crypto scam and fraud response awaits you.

See how Gray Wolf’s customers are using peer-to-peer, global intelligence.

Digital Asset ATMs

Use our platform to outsource investigative tasks.

Digital Asset Marketplaces

Use our platform to contextualize transactions and improve customer care.

Crypto AML Companies

Use our platform to automate investigators’ workflow.

Compliance Companies

Use our platform to integrate compliance reporting and
investigative tools.

Consumer Banks

Use our platform to deploy fraud detection and prevention measures.

Securities Regulators

Use our platform to trace and recover stolen funds.